Nakedness of the Fathers

My new pamphlet, The Nakedness of the Fathers is now available to order over at Broken Sleep. Just £6.50! James Byrne says this about it:

Purchase from Broken Sleep HERE or contact me for a signed copy here

Samuel Tongue’s The Nakedness of the Fathers dexterously surveys the monster of capitalism via jaywalks, googleearth the ‘contagiousness’ of treadmills, sanitiser-slick supermarkets and the charade of prosperity. This is a landscape poetry ready and able to utilise the personal as a site of resistance, where father’s cry for ‘a mother in the dark’ and the world exists precariously, ‘a flux of ever-living fire.’ Linguistically rich and yet, where need be, capable of serrated directness, Tongue skilfully drifts through a network of forms. Impressively dialogic, at its heart, The Nakedness of the Fathers is a conversation made with others, from Derrida to Sontag. Crucially, Tongue is able to metabolise the complexities of violence whilst letting language have its say, maintaining a dignified tone against injustice. This is a learned poetics that is distinctly humane, communal and beautifully written.

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