Here are a few individual poems published in the last few years. Click on the links to read ones that are online:

‘Carhenge’ in The Scores Issue 7 (January 2020).

‘Companion Species’, ‘Decapitation Grant’ and ‘Shark’ in Northwords Now 38 (October 2019).

‘Decapitation Grant [Superimposed] in The Compass (March 2019).

‘Double; or a short essay on perception’ in The Interpreter’s House. Issue 69 (October 2018).

‘Fish Counter’ and ‘Containerization’ in Gutter 17 (January 2018).

‘Seasonal’. RAUM Vol. 1, Issue 4 (Winter 2017).

‘Portrait of Charles Smith, Merchant and Banker’. Seen/Unseen. Edited by Katy Hastie. GSAH/City Art Centre, 2017.

‘Capel-y-Finn’. The Interpreter’s House. Issue 64. February 2017.

‘What People Mean by Faith’. The Scotsman. 28th January 2017.

‘American Hybrid’, ‘All that Beckons’, and ‘Device’. Blackbox Manifold. Issue 17 (Winter 2016).

‘Kunstkammer Corner’. Umbrellas of Edinburgh: Poetry and prose inspired by Scotland’s capital city. Edited by Claire Askew and Russell Jones. Glasgow: Freight Books, 2016.

‘Epitaph’. Envoi. Issue 174 (October 2016).

‘Morning.’ The Poet’s Quest for God: 21st Century Poems of Faith, Doubt and Wonder. Edited by Fr. Oliver Brennan, Todd Swift, and Dominic Bury. London: Eyewear Publishing, 2016.

‘Uses of the Whale, No. 1’ and ‘Contours’. The Compass. Issue 2 (October/November 2015).

‘On a carrier pigeon found dead in a chimney’. And Other Poems. Edited by Josephine Corcoran.

‘Aleph-Beth’ and ‘The Street is an Extended Phenotype’. Gutter 12. Spring 2015.

‘Old Anatomical Theatre, Tartu’. The Lumen. Issue 1. 2014.

‘The Laws of the Game’. Title Poem for The Laws of the Game: Seventeen Poets Respond to Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games in 2014. Edited by Jim Carruth. Charlesworth Press, 2014.

‘The Laws of the Game’. The Glasgow Herald. 21st July 2014. In print and online:  

‘On a carrier pigeon found dead in a chimney’, ‘Why I was so bad at clay-pigeon shooting,’ and ‘Oak Branch and Tree Warbler’ in Be The First To Like This: New Scottish Poetry. Edited by Colin Waters. Glasgow: Vagabond Voices, 2014.

 ‘What is it like to be a Herring Gull?’ Ink, Sweat & Tears. Edited by Helen Ivory. 29th June 2014.                                                                             

 ‘The Deep’. The List. February 2014.